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Releases by Genre

News, reviews and upcoming titles by genre, listed with the most recent first:

High-Def Ongoing

Indie Film Guide January-February 2010

TV on DVD January-February 2010

British Guide December 2009-February 2010

Scary Movies Guide December 2009-February 2010

Sports, Fitness & Wellness November-December 2009

Comedy & Music Guide November-December 2009

4th Quarter Guide October-November 2009

Action, Thriller & Shoot 'em Up September-November 2009

DVD for Kids September-October 2009

Holiday Purchasing Guide September-November 2009

DVD for Dudes August-September 2009

Classics and Collectibles August-September 2009

Faith & Family August-September 2009

Library Channel Guide August-September 2009

Comedy July-September 2009

Halloween July-October 2009

Music Channel Guide June 2009

Supermarket/Drug Channel June-August 2009

Father’s Day April-June 2009

Teen & Tween March-April 2009

Earth Day March-April 2009

Mothers’ Day March-May 2009

Black History December 2008-February 2009

Valentine’s Day December 2008-February 2009

Hispanic/Latino October 2008-February 2009

Urban Market Guide August-September 2008

Preschool April-June 2008


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