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TV on DVD Purchasing Guide September-October 2009

Compiled by Cheryl Cheng -- Video Business, 8/3/2009

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Sept. 8

Fringe: The Complete First Season
WARNER prebook 8-4; DVD $59.98; BD $79.98
Sci-fi thriller: A trio of unlikely colleagues investigates a series of peculiar deaths and disasters.

Get Smart: Season 4 HBO/WARNER prebook 8-4; DVD $24.98 Action comedy: In this season, Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 are about to get married.

Gifted Hands SONY prebook 8-6; DVD $24.96 Drama: In this TV movie, Cuba Gooding Jr. stars as Dr. Ben Carson, who goes from a rough childhood to becoming a world-renowned neurosurgeon.

Parks & Recreation: Season One UNIVERSAL prebook now; DVD $29.98 Comedy: Amy Poehler stars in this NBC series about the world of local government.

Sept. 15

Affairs of the Heart, Series Two ACORN prebook 8-18; DVD $39.99 Drama: All the drama of English high society unfolds in these half-dozen adaptations of the works of Henry James.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Second Season WARNER prebook 8-11; DVD $44.98 Comedy: The physicists and their geek pals continue to conquer the cosmos—just as the realities of real life conquer them.

Crash: The Complete First Season ANCHOR BAY/STARZ prebook 8-25; DVD $59.97, BD $79.97 Drama: Thirteen episodes about saints, sinners, poets and players who inhabit modern-day L.A.

Fame: Seasons 1 and 2 MGM/FOX prebook 8-5; DVD $39.98 Musical: Timed with the Sept. 25 theatrical Fame, this release features 38 episodes from the ’80s series about students at a high school for the performing arts.

One Step Beyond: The Official First Season CBS/PARAMOUNT prebook 8-4; DVD $54.99 Fantasy: Collection of 22 digitally remastered episodes from the 1959 paranormal-themed series.

Sept. 22

Castle: Season One DISNEY prebook now; DVD $39.99 Crime: A detective (Stana Katic) gets help from a novelist (Nathan Fillion) to solve crime cases in this ABC series.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Season Two CBS/PARAMOUNT prebook 8-11; BD $79.99 Sci-fi fantasy: All 26 episodes with new branching technology that allows fans to toggle between newly remastered versions with enhanced special effects or the episodes as they were originally broadcast.

Sept. 29

Cagney & Lacey: The Menopause Years S’MORE/ADA prebook 9-4; DVD $39.95 Drama: A collection of four feature-length films following the series’ conclusion.

Cagney & Lacey: The Return S’MORE/ADA prebook 9-4; DVD $12.95 Drama: The two lady law enforcers return and continue to deal with their tough and dangerous jobs.

Kings: The Complete Series UNIVERSAL prebook 8-11; DVD $59.98 Drama: When an idealistic soldier rescues the son of the king, their lives are intertwined in this NBC series.

Traffik 20th Anniversary Edition ACORN prebook 9-1; DVD $39.99 Drama: This British miniseries traces intersecting lives in the world of international drug smuggling.

The Unit Complete Giftset FOX prebook 9-2; DVD $199.98 Drama: This 19-DVD set contains all four seasons of the series about a covert Special Forces team.

Oct. 6

Blood Ties Season 2 EAGLE ROCK prebook 9-16; DVD $26.99 Horror: The second season of the Lifetime series about a private detective and a bloodsucker.

Lark Rise to Candleford: Season One BBC/WARNER prebook 9-1; DVD $59.98 Drama: Relationships form in two villages in 19th century rural England.

Married ... With Children: The Complete 11th Season SONY prebook 9-3; DVD $39.95 Comedy: The last 24 episodes of the series about the dysfunctional Bundy family.

Nip/Tuck: Season Five, Part Two WARNER prebook 9-1; DVD $39.98 Drama: The FX series about two plastic surgeons in Los Angeles.


Program (Label/distributor) Noms Street Date Prebook Price
30 Rock S3 (Universal) 22 Sept. 22 Aug. 4 DVD $49.98
Mad Men S2 (Lionsgate) 16 Now Now DVD $49.98, BD $49.99
The Office S5 (Universal) 9 Sept. 8 Now DVD $59.98, BD $69.98
Damages S2 (Sony) 7 TBA
Flight of the Conchords S2 (HBO/Warner) 6 Aug. 4 Now DVD $29.98
Weeds S4 (Lionsgate) 6 Now Now DVD $39.98, BD $39.99
Battlestar Galactica S4.5 (Universal) 5 Now Now DVD $49.98, BD $69.98
Breaking Bad S2 (Sony) 5 TBA
Grey’s Anatomy S5 (Disney) 5 Sept. 15 Now DVD $59.99
Lost S5 (Disney) 5 Dec. 8 Oct. 13 DVD $59.99, BD $79.99
Pushing Daisies S2 (Warner) 5 Now Now DVD $39.98, BD $49.99
The Tudors S3 (Showtime/Paramount) 5 TBA


Image travels, discovers series

In October, Image Entertainment will introduce several documentary and reality series from deals with cable networks. From the Travel Channel, the first season of Man v. Food arrives, along with the first season of Discovery Channel’s Prototype This. They will be followed by the first two seasons of two other series from Discovery, Deadly Women and Some Assembly Required. —Cindy Spielvogel

Oct. 6

Man v. Food IMAGE prebook 9-8; DVD $19.98 Reality: Host Adam Rich travels around the country for gastronomic adventure.

Prototype This: Season 1 IMAGE prebook 9-8; DVD $24.98 Science: The Prototype crew uses emerging technologies to build prototypes for the future.

Oct. 13

Deadly Women: Seasons One and Two IMAGE prebook 9-15; DVD $19.98 Documentary: A look at the most intriguing and horrifying women in history.

Some Assembly Required: Seasons 1 & 2 IMAGE prebook 9-15; DVD $24.98 Reality: This Discovery Channel series looks at how things are built, from bowling balls to BMWs.


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