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Urban Market Guide August-September 2008

News and upcoming titles being released August through September 2008 for the urban market.


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Mixed martial arts attracts mixed male audience
Martial arts films have attracted disproportionately strong interest from urban youth, but is the same thing happening with the related sport of mixed martial arts? MMA suppliers don’t necessarily see a correlation. Full story

Lightyear shines for Faith
Lightyear Entertainment has announced an output deal with actor and filmmaker Marcello Thedford. The deal, which runs through 2010, encompasses eight films per year to be released under the label Onyx Films. Full story



Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker star in the $26.3 million-grossing thriller Street Kings, about a cop who finds himself in a deadly web of conspiracy and betrayal. Street Aug. 19, prebook July 23; DVD $29.98, two-disc set $34.98, BD $39.98


Afro Samurai: Season 1 Director’s Cut fuses samurai action with hip-hop culture. Street Aug. 26, prebook July 22; BD $29.98


The Wire: The Complete Fifth Season focuses on the role that newspapers play in the bureaucracy of big cities. Street Aug. 12, prebook July 8; four-disc set $59.99


In Belly 2 (DVD $26.98), rapper The Game stars as an ex-con back on the streets and up to his old ways; the title will be joined by the Blu-ray release of the original Belly ($29.99). Both street Aug. 12, prebook July 16


Can four friends distracted by women and relationships stay Buds for Life? Street Aug. 5, prebook July 1; DVD $14.95


Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation tells the story of three men who have endured solitary confinement longer than any known prisoner in the U.S. Street Aug. 5, prebook July 1; DVD $19.95


The Game: Life After the Math tells the multi-platinum rapper’s story, from his tumultuous childhood to his rebirth as an MC. Street Aug. 12, prebook July 8; DVD $19.97


Wesley Snipes stars as an agent being set up in The Art of War II: Betrayal; with bonus alternate fight scenes and a digital copy for the PC or PSP. Street Aug. 12, prebook July 10; DVD $24.96


Unsigned looks at unsigned artists who are trying to be heard. Street Sept. 23, prebook Aug. 15; DVD $19.95


Documentary Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami examines the champ’s years in the magic city and delves into the societal shifts of the ’60s. Street Aug. 12, prebook July 8; DVD $19.99


Straight Outta Puerto Rico explores the Reggaeton music scene. Street Aug. 5, prebook July 8; DVD $19.99


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