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Hispanic/Latino VB Purchasing Guide October 2008-February 2009

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Oct. 21

Kiss of the Spider Woman: Collector’s Edition CITY LIGHTS prebook now; DVD $34.98, BD $39.98 Drama: This two-disc, award-winning film starring William Hurt and Raul Julia tells the story of two very different political prisoners in South America and the friendship they develop.

The Meridian Collection: Mondays in the Sun LIONSGATE prebook now; DVD $29.98 Drama: Javier Bardem stars in this award-winning Spanish drama, which follows five unemployed shipyard workers on the coast of Spain.

Oct. 28

Divine FACETS prebook now; DVD $29.95 Drama: Mexican cinema master Arturo Ripstein directs this film about a doomsday cult that takes its belief system from biblical epics of the '50s and is waiting for the second coming of Christ.

Cardio Samba Workout With Quenia Ribeiro STRATOSTREAM prebook now; DVD $14.98 Fitness: Brazilian samba dancer and fitness instructor Quenia Ribeiro and New York dance company’s Grupo Ribeiro lead a samba dance workout of aerobics set to a Brazilian beat.

Boystown TLA prebook now; DVD $19.99 Gay comedy: When a gay couple inherits an apartment, they become embroiled in a sinister plot to kill old ladies and take their apartments.

Nov. 4

El Nominado (The Chosen One) IMAGE prebook 10-7; DVD $9.98 Thriller: Cristian de la Fuente stars in this film set in the Andes Mountains about a game show gone wrong.

The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan: Celebrity Edition SCREEN MEDIA/UNIVERSAL prebook 10-7; DVD $14.98 Instructional: Dog guru Millan enters the homes of celebrities to reveal that even the rich and famous have troubled pooches in need of guidance.

Nov. 11

25 to Life LAGUNA prebook 10-31; DVD $19.99 Urban: Just released from prison, a parolee faces the temptation of the streets.

Nov. 18

Goya FIRST RUN prebook 10-14; DVD $29.95 Historical drama: This newly restored version follows the renowned painter in the court of King Carlos IV and his increasing concern over the struggles of the common folk, which sparks the interest of the Inquisition.

A Wonderful Night in Split FIRST RUN prebook 10-14; DVD $24.95 Drama: Starring rapper Coolio and set in the medieval streets of Split, Croatia, on New Year’s Eve, this follows several tales of desire, treachery and murder.

Get Pony Boy LAGUNA prebook 10-17; DVD $19.95 Comedy: After returning to the hood, a former gang member takes a series of odd jobs to start his life over.

Aspect: The Chronicle of New Media Art Vol. XI—Arte de las Americas MICROCINEMA prebook 10-21; DVD $25.00 Educational: Nine South American and Central American new media artists are represented.

Dec. 2

Dark World IMAGE prebook 11-4; DVD $27.98 Thriller: Michael Paré stars as a former L.A. cop who gets drawn into a web of sex and betrayal when his niece is abducted.

Dec. 9

El Alambrista: The Fence Jumper MVD prebook 11-4; DVD $19.95 Action: El Alambrista is a champion of Mexican migrant workers by day and a budding lucha libre fighter by night.

The Homies Hip Hop Show: The Best of Season One POLYCHROME prebook 11-11; DVD $14.99 Comedy/variety: Follows the Homies as they skewer politics, popular culture and bad movies.

Dec. 16

Amor, Letra Por Letra (Love, Letter By Letter) LIONSGATE prebook 11-19; DVD $19.98 Romantic comedy: Sylvia Navarro, Rafael Amaya and Plutarco Haza star in this misadventure about people who fall in love when they least expect it.

Feb. 17

One Long Night POLYCHROME prebook 1-2; DVD $19.99 Comedy: A Mexican-American is sent to Mexico City and finds himself thrown into a series of offbeat encounters with crooked cops, drag queens and femme fatales.


Sundance winner looks at issues

The timely topics of immigration and identity theft are prominent in Sangre de mi Sangre, the 2007 Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner coming to DVD from Genius Products in December. The thriller about the plight of a Mexican boy in Brooklyn was written and directed by Christopher Zalla and stars Jesus Ochoa and Armando Hernandez. —Cindy Spielvogel

Dec. 16

Sangre de mi Sangre (Blood of My Blood) GENIUS prebook 11-4; DVD $24.95 Thriller: A young Mexican boy smuggles himself into Brooklyn to meet his long-lost father, only to have his identity stolen by an imposter who wants to steal the father’s fortune.

From scares to soaps

Telenovelas and other Spanish-language titles from Televisa are on the way from Xenon Pictures. For horror fans, the scary series 13 Miedos arrives in November. It will be followed by two telenovela releases, Pasion and Amigas y Rivales (Friends and Rivals). —C.S.

Nov. 4

13 Miedos XENON/LIONSGATE prebook 10-8; DVD $19.98 Thriller: A night watchman who is afraid of the dark and a man who’ll give anything to bring his wife back from the dead can be found in these 13 tales of suspense and the supernatural.

Nov. 11

Pasion XENON/LIONSGATE prebook 10-15; DVD $19.98 Drama: This four-disc telenovela is set in 18th century Mexico and tells the story of a young girl who is kidnapped and forced to marry a wealthy landowner.

Dec. 16

Amigas y Rivales (Friends and Rivals) XENON/LIONSGATE prebook 11-19; DVD $19.98 Drama: Four girls from very different social classes find out the strength of their friendship through life’s trials in this four-disc telenovela set.


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