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New Green Law for TV - Good/Bad for Biz?

November 18, 2009 California has passed a new law mandating all TVs up to 58 inches sold in 2011 be more energy efficient. That means manufacturers must figure out how to deal: make unique TV displays just for California or renovate their product line for everybody? Retail chains will also have to figure out how to stock stores accordingly.
MSNBC.com has a great story detailing the upcoming changes here. 
Basically, the new CA standards are the same as requirements attached to sets being awarded the Energy Star label. The state government believes this law will cut California's electricity bill by $1 billion annually. Such green TVs will save households $30 a year in electricity costs, according to California officials.
This sounds like a great goal, but it does seem thorny for manufacturers to get their heads around. It would be easier if they could build towards a nationwide law. Also, CA-based retailers might get screwed if customers begin buying TVs outside of the state to bypass the new rules.
The big problem for Blu-ray could come into play if stores' TV strategies are negatively impacted by CA's greening. So much Blu-ray player merchandising is tied to how strongly chains are promoting their TVs.
Also, if manufacturers are putting a lot of time and resources into wading through green TVs, that could mean less investment in advancing Blu-ray players.

Posted by Susanne Ault on November 18, 2009 | Comments (2)

Industries: High-Def, Software

November 19, 2009
In response to: New Green Law for TV - Good/Bad for Biz?
Norm commented:

Save households $30 dollars a year and save California $1 billion annually? That's plain silly. California politicians should focus on cutting costs and balancing the budget rather than disrupting free trade via nanny-state regulations. The last time I checked, the cost of the TV and the corresponding utility bill are the self limiting factors. If I have the free cashflow to buy a 70" TV and pay for the utility bills, then I should be able to so. California politicians really have their priorities messed up...

November 19, 2009
In response to: New Green Law for TV - Good/Bad for Biz?
Norm commented:

Also, who saves what? Consumers? Let consumers decide how they want to save their money. Looks like Amazon's business is going to go up. Time to buy!!! ;-)

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