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Comcast Everywhere by early December

November 12, 2009 Comcast has said that it plans to roll out Comcast OnDemand Online, its TV Everywhere initiative that will allow subscribers to access some TV programs online, by the end of the year, but has been careful not to give an exact date. But today, Interactive Media president Amy Banse narrowed it down a bit, to early December, while speaking at the newsy NewTeeVee TV Everywhere conference.

Comcast will rollout the beta test to all subscribers, allowing them to watch HBO, Turner, TBS and others on up to three different Internet-connected devices. Users will have to download an application and log in to Comcast's Fancast video site to connect each device to their subscriber account.

In a report released this week, The Ultimate Guide to TV Everywhere, by NewTeeVee parent GigaOm, Media Wonk Paul Sweeting speculates that "technical challenges of universal authentication, content authorization and measurement will prove knottier than promised," keeping it as a beta service through 2011. He also delves into some of the issues cable operators and content holders will face.

Posted by Jennifer Netherby on November 12, 2009 | Comments (1)

November 14, 2009
In response to: Comcast Everywhere by early December
desertfrog commented:

The 'internet tv' is the best tech item to finally get started for "us" mainstream folk. Since several years ago when word was that 'cable-satellite' companies should allow customers to "build their own perference of watched channels"...which never happened, mainly out of greed.

I'm sure that a charge will be forthcoming for all internet streaming, and that is okay as long as it is fair. Those who keep their fees at a low cost for a 'set-top box' will be the winners.

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