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Marcy Magiera

Adding nuance to the day's home entertainment news.

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New Year and CES, both full of promise

January 1, 2010 | Link This | Email this | Comments (0)

It’s 2010. Hooray! Does anyone feel the home entertainment business is less embattled than it was three weeks ago?

Every year, CES opens right after New Year’s, and it’s terribly inconvenient for everyone involved. Why, oh why, does such a trade show have to be in early January, goes the lament. The answer, traditionally, is that it’s the nature of the business, and the show must be held in January to accommodate product manufacturing and retail merchandising cycles for the fourth quarter. I suspect, however, that the real reason is to make all involved feel good about their businesses heading into the New Year. Everything shown at CES is so shiny and new and full of bells and whistles and promise that the year ahead surely will be good, right?

This year, the te...Read More

Industries: High-Def, Retail, Software, Technology

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Is E-10 a new name for VSDA?

December 27, 2009 | Link This | Email this | Comments (0)

EMA's December newsletter contains a passing reference to E-10 Summit, which it calls "a hosted buyer event for the major studios and other key industry suppliers in early June [2010]." 

The blurb says the E-10 event will bring in a larger group of retailers and have a more flexible format than EMA's second annual Independent Product Market, a buyer-seller event the trade group is organizing for July in Newport Beach, Calif. 

It makes me wonder, are these two events together essentially a new form for the old VSDA convention (Home Media Expo)?

Industries: Retail

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WSJ calls Blu-ray "hot"

December 23, 2009 | Link This | Email this | Comments (0)

"Blu-ray players, particularly those that can exploit Internet video services, are a hot item this shopping season."

That's WSJ's Christmas gift to the home entertainment biz. It's the lead of a story in today's Personal Journal section. The story goes on to say that Blu-ray is all the rage, thanks to low player prices and streaming capabilities.

Merry Christmas to all.

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Good riddance to 2009, maybe. But some hope...

December 18, 2009 | Link This | Email this | Comments (0)

As I write this, and you read it, 2009 is drawing to a close. And without a doubt, one widespread sentiment about the year is probably "Good riddance."

It has been a tough one all around, but particularly in the home entertainment industry. Here, hardworking executives have had to deal not just with declining DVD sales, but also with the exaggerated perception in the general media, on Wall Street and sometimes even within the media conglomerates themselves that the decline in home entertainment revenue is deeper and more widespread than it actually is.

Perhaps we all need to take a deep breath and say slowly, together, "The sky is NOT falling." Om…

When every 2009 transaction is tallied, I expect the bottom line is going to look very similar to the wa...Read More


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Hulu, 'Idol''s Fuller Make 'Dream' Come True

December 16, 2009 | Link This | Email this | Comments (1)

It looks like the first so-called "post-reality" show will be "post broadcast" as well.

Hulu is partnering with American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance creator Simon Fuller at launching a weekly 30-minute show documenting the efforts of five people trying to make it in Hollywood.

Fuller's 19 Entertainment will premiere If I Can Dream on Hulu, and only Hulu, early next year, the long-form online video channel said in a statement today. The show is being teased with a one-min...Read More

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