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Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who

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By Cyril Pearl -- Video Business, 11/5/2007

Street: Nov. 6
Prebook: now
> A career-spanning look at the combustible British rock band.

Amazing Journey takes a look as comprehensive as we’re ever likely to see of the legendarily combustible British rock outfit The Who. The title features a rich collection of vintage clips, concert footage and new interviews with the group’s surviving members, guitarist Pete Townshend and singer Roger Daltrey. (As is customary in all rock docs, archival interviews of the band’s deceased members—in this case, bassist John Entwistle and drummer Keith Moon—also are utilized.) Also on hand to lend their opinions about the band that influenced their own careers are such near-legendary artists as Sting, The Edge, Eddie Veder and Noel Gallagher. They also can be found on the companion film, Six Quick Ones, a collection of four biographical shorts on The Who’s members. A fifth piece in Six Quick Ones focuses on the band’s mod and pop art beginnings, and another from 2003 finds Townshend and Daltrey working on their first studio recording in 25 years (2006’s Endless Wire).

Shelf Talk: One of the seminal British Invasion bands, The Who didn’t grow old with the grace of The Rolling Stones or even the surviving Beatles, but their legend remains intact while their following remains dedicated. Amazing Journey has been receiving high-profile write-ups since it premiered at this year’s Toronto Film Festival, and though it didn’t receive any theatrical distribution, it’s positioned to be the year’s leading classic rock doc, especially now that Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones chronicle, Shine A Light, has been re-scheduled for a 2008 release.

Music documentary, color and B&W, NR (mature themes, language), 120 min./117 min., DVD $29.98
Extras: five additional insider insights, early footage of The High Numbers at the Railway Hotel
Directors: Paul Crowder, Murray Lerner
First Run: DVD premiere

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