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  • Netflix boosts subscriber estimates
    By Danny King - 02/27/2008
    FEB. 27 | Netflix said today that its subscriber count will be about 3% higher than previously forecast because of price increases from rival Blockbuster and cheaper online advertising rates. The company also said it would quadruple its Blu-ray selection this year and hinted at a possible partnership with Microsoft. More
  • Wattles seeks to stack Circuit City’s board
    By Alan Wolf of TWICE - 02/26/2008
    FEB. 26 | FROM TWICE: Dissident investor and Ultimate Electronics owner Mark Wattles plans to nominate five directors for election to Circuit City’s 12-member board of directors at the retailer’s 2008 annual shareholder meeting in June. More
  • Netflix doubles online spending
    By Danny King - 02/26/2008
    FEB. 26 | Netflix doubled its online advertising spending last month as it capitalized on higher prices from rival Blockbuster while trying to stave off other content delivery services, such as video downloading, according to one survey. More
  • Retailers to phase out HD DVD
    By Susanne Ault - 02/22/2008
    FEB. 22 | Retail reaction to Toshiba’s formal abandonment of the HD DVD format was swift, as those stores that had not already done so last week moved to de-emphasize and in many cases, liquidate, HD DVD products. More
  • Amazon gets Blu-ray title exclusive
    By Susanne Ault - 02/22/2008
    FEB. 22 | Warner Home Video and National Geographic will launch the Blu-ray Disc version of Six Degrees Could Change the World only at Amazon.com on Earth Day, April 22, marking the studio’s first BD retail exclusive. More
  • Reed Elsevier to sell Video Business parent
    FEB. 22 | LONDON—Reed Elsevier has announced that it plans to sell Reed Business Information, the magazine publishing division that includes Video Business, Variety and Daily Variety, Broadcasting and Cable, Multichannel News, Publishers Weekly and New Scientist. More
  • Cheaper movies feed kiosk boom
    By Danny King - 02/21/2008
    FEB. 21 | UPDATE: Technogeeks may argue over whether Unbox or Vudu provides the best film-downloading service, while others may debate Blockbuster versus Netflix, but the common man just wants a $1 movie for the night, says Tim Belton, CEO of movie-kiosk operator The New Release. More
  • Netflix, Blockbuster users choose No Country
    By Danny King - 02/21/2008
    FEB. 21 | Like its anti-hero, Anton Chigurh, blowing through the Texas countryside, No Country for Old Men will lay waste to its competitors at the 80th annual Academy Awards on Sunday, according to subscribers of Netflix and Blockbuster. More
  • GameStop earnings beat forecast
    By Danny King - 02/20/2008
    FEB. 20 | GameStop’s fiscal fourth-quarter earnings beat its forecast on better-than-expected January sales in both the U.S. and overseas. More
  • Best Buy lowers earnings forecast
    By Danny King - 02/20/2008
    FEB. 20 | Best Buy lowered its earnings and same-store sales expectations for fiscal 2008 on lower post-holiday revenue from some of its home entertainment products. More
  • Amazon, DVD Empire back Blu-ray
    By Susanne Ault - 02/20/2008
    FEB. 20 | Online retailers Amazon.com and DVDEmpire.com are the latest dominoes to fall in Blu-ray’s direction. Both are formally endorsing Blu-ray as their high-definition format choice, one day after Toshiba conceded defeat in the format war by announcing it would soon stop production of HD DVD players. More
  • Wal-Mart goes Blu, wallops HD DVD
    By Susanne Ault and Danny King - 02/15/2008
    FEB. 15 | Wal-Mart Stores dealt what may well prove to be the fatal blow to HD DVD, saying its 4,000 Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores by June will merchandise Blu-ray Disc as their only high-def format. More
  • Sony develops DVD premieres with notable names
    By Wendy Wilson and Laurence Lerman - 02/15/2008
    FEB. 15 | Sony has quietly developed a notable business bringing out DVD premiere action titles featuring stars that graced theatrical marquees in the late ’80s and ’90s, including Dolph Lundgren, Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme. More
  • Easter period gets crowded with titles
    By Susanne Ault - 02/15/2008
    FEB. 15 | March is becoming the practical beginning of the new release New Year, according to studios and retailers, who in some cases are drawing comparisons between the crowded pre-Easter period and the fourth quarter. More
  • High-def discs lag standard, but gaining momentum
    By Susanne Ault - 02/15/2008
    FEB. 15 | High-definition software sales are trailing standard-definition by half in the formats’ first two years on the market, according to Adams Media Research. More
  • Image narrows loss in Q3; plans for future
    By Susanne Ault - 02/14/2008
    FEB. 14 | Image Entertainment reported red ink for its third-quarter fiscal 2008, but the DVD supplier believes it will soon return to growth as it puts its failed merger with BTP Acquisition Co. behind it. More
  • Ed Begley Jr. to host green DVD club
    By Danny King - 02/14/2008
    FEB. 14 | Ed Begley Jr. will host a collection of ecologically-based short films that will be part of a subscription service launched today by a Santa Fe, N.M.-based film-distribution company. More
  • Borders concept store integrates DVD into themed areas
    By Susanne Ault - 02/14/2008
    FEB. 14 | Borders is unveiling its first of several planned concept stores, which especially emphasize popular products by creating ‘destinations’ out of related items. More
  • MovieFlix offers unlimited downloads for monthly fee
    By Danny King - 02/12/2008
    FEB. 12 | Internet movie download site MovieFlix.com has added a download-to-own option that offers customers an unlimited number of downloads for a $9.95 a month subscription fee. More
  • Movie Gallery reports monthly profit
    By Cindy Spielvogel - 02/12/2008
    FEB. 12 | Movie Gallery filed a required monthly financial report with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court showing the company earned $12.7 million in net income for the month ended Jan. 6. More
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