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  • New Line remarkets Bardem-starrer Cholera
    By Susanne Ault - 02/29/2008
    FEB. 29 | Love in the Time of Cholera is getting a second chance to click with audiences, courtesy of leading man Javier Bardem. New Line Home Entertainment has switched packaging and marketing materials for the March 18 DVD release to spotlight Bardem, who won an Oscar for his supporting turn in Best Picture winner No Country for Old Men. More
  • Fox gets in ring with WWE
    By Susanne Ault - 02/26/2008
    FEB. 26 | UPDATE: World Wrestling Entertainment is hoping to turn its brawlers into Hollywood stars, partnering with 20th Century Fox in a multi-title theatrical and straight-to-DVD deal. Starting in 2009, WWE will be producing annually at least one theatrical project and up to four made-for-DVD titles for Fox distribution. More
  • Sony unveils two Blu-ray Disc players
    By Susanne Ault - 02/26/2008
    FEB. 26 | UPDATE: Sony’s debut Web-enabled Blu-ray Disc set-tops will start hitting retail in the next several months. The manufacturer’s first such BD Live player, the BDP-S350, will launch this summer as ‘ready’ to handle Web-enabled features. More
  • Anchor Bay, Kmart partner for fitness
    By Susanne Ault - 02/28/2008
    FEB. 28 | Anchor Bay Entertainment has partnered with Kmart on a fitness promotion hyping its DVD titles. To support the promotion, dubbed “New Day Your Way,” Kmart has launched a social networking site at www.kmart.com/newday where Anchor Bay fitness experts will be contributing healthy lifestyle tips. More
  • Paramount done with HD DVD next week
    By Susanne Ault - 02/28/2008
    FEB. 28 | The March 4 releases Into the Wild and Things We Lost in the Fire will be Paramount Home Entertainment’s last titles in the HD DVD format, the studio confirmed. The studio pulled the plug on the HD DVD versions of other titles that had been announced for the format, including DreamWorks Animation’s Bee Movie (pictured), due March 11, and Sweeney Todd, due April 1. Their standard DVD versions will come out as planned. More
  • Disney joins Band wagon
    By Ben Fritz of Variety - 02/28/2008
    FEB. 28 | FROM VARIETY: Disney Interactive Studios on Tuesday unveiled plans for Ultimate Band, a new music simulation it plans to launch in the fall that will compete with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. More
  • NBC’s Quarterlife heads to iTunes
    By Alex Weprin of Broadcasting & Cable - 02/26/2008
    FEB. 26 | FROM BROADCASTING & CABLE: Quarterlife, the hour-long drama series that began its life on MySpace and will make the jump to NBC Tuesday, will make episodes available for download on Apple iTunes the same day they debut on NBC. More
  • HBO creates YouTube channel
    By Linda Haugsted of Multichannel News - 02/26/2008
    FEB. 26 | FROM MULTICHANNEL NEWS: HBO will now stream promotional content on its own branded channel on YouTube. More
  • Studios renew religious interest
    By Chris Koseluk - 02/25/2008
    FEB. 25 | FAITH & FAMILY: The market for spiritually oriented books, DVDs and software is worth about $8 billion. No wonder the video industry is putting a lot of faith these days into family and faith-based entertainment. More
  • Fit with spirit
    By Cindy Spielvogel - 02/25/2008
    FEB. 25 | FAITH & FAMILY: Though movie producers have been getting religion by producing faith-based films, there’s another DVD genre that has converted to Christianity: fitness. More
  • Word the thing for Walden Media
    By Wendy Wilson - 02/25/2008
    FEB. 25 | FAITH & FAMILY: Company co-founder and president Michael Flaherty says that Walden’s success in reaching beyond mainstream movie-goers to Christian viewers is no secret, just the product of simple outreach. More
  • Popcorn picks TVN as distribution partner
    By Danny King - 02/25/2008
    FEB. 25 | Popcorn Home Entertainment, which three weeks ago said it would provide Cablevision subscribers with some on-demand movies the same day they debut on DVD, chose TVN Entertainment as its distribution partner. More
  • Oscar winners slated for DVD
    By Susanne Ault - 02/25/2008
    FEB. 25 | Best Picture standout No Country for Old Men leads a large batch of Oscar-winning films soon headed to DVD and/or are already available at retail. More
  • What’s streaming worth to writers?
    By Marisa Guthrie of Broadcasting & Cable - 02/25/2008
    FEB. 25 | FROM BROADCASTING & CABLE: With the strike settled, the WGA won residuals for content streamed over the Internet beyond an "initial streaming window" of 17 days (24 days for first-year shows). But how much is this still-new revenue stream worth? More important, how much will it be worth in the future? More
  • Audiences see the Point
    By Anthony D'Alessandro - 02/25/2008
    FEB. 25 | VARIETY BOX OFFICE REPORT: Moviegoers switched their gaze from Presidents Day holdovers yesterday to Sony's Vantage Point. More
  • Lionsgate delivers romance with Harlequin titles
    By Samantha Clark - 02/27/2008
    FEB. 25 | Lionsgate is wooing mothers with romance. On April 29, the studio is releasing two volumes of movies from the Harlequin line. More
  • European actors dominate Oscars
    By Phil Gallo of Variety - 02/25/2008
    FEB. 25 | FROM VARIETY: No Country for Old Men, a dark cat-and-mouse tale involving a sheriff and his search for a serial murderer, received four Academy Awards Sunday night at the 80th annual ceremony, including best picture, direction and screenplay — awards it shares with last year’s homage to hardcore violence, The Departed. More
  • Retailers to phase out HD DVD
    By Susanne Ault - 02/22/2008
    FEB. 22 | Retail reaction to Toshiba’s formal abandonment of the HD DVD format was swift, as those stores that had not already done so last week moved to de-emphasize and in many cases, liquidate, HD DVD products. More
  • Amazon gets Blu-ray title exclusive
    By Susanne Ault - 02/22/2008
    FEB. 22 | Warner Home Video and National Geographic will launch the Blu-ray Disc version of Six Degrees Could Change the World only at Amazon.com on Earth Day, April 22, marking the studio’s first BD retail exclusive. More
  • Reed Elsevier to sell Video Business parent
    FEB. 22 | LONDON—Reed Elsevier has announced that it plans to sell Reed Business Information, the magazine publishing division that includes Video Business, Variety and Daily Variety, Broadcasting and Cable, Multichannel News, Publishers Weekly and New Scientist. More
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