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Aliens in the Attic - DVD and Blu-ray Review

By Ed Hulse -- Video Business, 9/28/2009


Street: Nov. 3
Prebook: Oct. 7
> Reasonably amusing, if uninventive sci-fi comedy proves good family fun.

This innocuous, but unmemorable family comedy, which came and went this summer without much fanfare, has a ring of familiarity owing to common themes, situations and gags. When the Pearson family is victimized by invading aliens, the knee-high Zirkonians, three siblings (Ashley Tisdale, Carter Jenkins, Ashley Boettcher) and a cousin (Austin Butler) team up to defeat them. Grown-up cast members Doris Roberts (playing a granny who briefly gets super powers), Kevin Nealon, Andy Richter and Tim Meadows are deployed with varying degrees of effectiveness. The frequent digital effects are adequately rendered.

Shelf Talk: Aggressive promotion of Aliens as a film the entire family can enjoy should yield favorable results. Also play up High School Musical teen queen Tisdale, who has a sizable following and a strong presence on many popular Web sites.

Family comedy, color, PG (action violence, suggestive humor, mild language), 86 min., DVD $29.98, UPC: 024543610960; BD $39.99, UPC: 024543611066
Extras: film introduction, animated short, gag reel, deleted scenes, featurettes; BD adds digital copy
Director: John Schultz
First Run: W, Aug. 2009, $24.2 mil.


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