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Trailer Park forms new group for Blu-ray, DVD

PHYSICAL: Former Universal executive to head up division

By Cheryl Cheng -- Video Business, 8/27/2009


AUG. 27 | PHYSICAL: Entertainment marketing agency Trailer Park has formed an Advanced Content group that will join together the previously separate sectors of Blu-ray Disc, DVD and original content projects.

“Our new Advanced Content group is comprised of a team of award-winning specialists that will focus on client service, strategy, user experience, design, copywriting, technology, editorial and production,” said Rick Eiserman, Trailer Park CEO. "This cross-media team will work in tandem with our clients to deliver integrated and innovative solutions for any screen within any media sector."

The company also appointed Curt Doty as executive VP for the group. Doty was most recently at Universal Studios Home Entertainment, where he was VP of creative services and led campaigns for such films as Curious George, Shrek 2 and The Bourne Ultimatum.

Regarding the appointment, Eiserman said, “We are excited about bringing in Curt Doty, an expert in Blu-ray and BD Live, who has a proven ability to blend smart strategies, compelling design and creative communications into innovative solutions with lasting impact. His heritage in the broadcast design industry, successfully launching numerous television channels domestically and internationally, along with his expertise within the advertising industry and Blu-ray technologies used within the world of home entertainment marketing, make him the perfect choice to lead this new group.”

Doty added, “Trailer Park has long been one of my favorite agencies when I was on the studio side of the business. I am excited now to lead the amazing talent in this newly formed group, by providing the relevant services that will lead our clients into their futures. Home entertainment has gone through some seismic changes recently, but the most exciting changes have been how movies and original content are being delivered, presented, and how they continue to become more and more interactive."


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