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American Son - DVD Review

By Ed Hulse -- Video Business, 7/24/2009

Street: Aug. 25
Prebook: now
> Solid, low-key story about a young Marine headed for Iraq.

A sober, sensitive and quite affecting little drama, American Son focuses on a young African-American Marine (Nick Cannon) who gets a four-day leave before shipping out to Iraq. He dreads telling the news to his troubled family and postpones the moment of truth by spending most of his time courting a Latina (Melonie Diaz) whom he has just recently met. Cannon anchors the documentary-like film with his self-assured performance and gets strong support from Diaz and Matt O'Leary, who plays his drug-dealing best friend.

Shelf Talk: Made in 2007, Son used the then-hot Iraq War as a backdrop, but it's definitely not about the war and shouldn't be promoted as such. Son was received warmly at Sundance, but it didn't get a theatrical release and might be tough to market. However, it should generate good word of mouth.

Drama, color, R (mature themes, pervasive language, sexual situations, drug use), 86 min., DVD $29.99
Extras: commentary, deleted scenes, featurette
Director: Neil Abramson
First Run: DVD premiere


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