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Sony offers Pineapple Express as iTunes download

Digital copy available on two-DVD, Blu-ray

By Susanne Ault -- Video Business, 11/10/2008

NOV. 10 | Pineapple Express will be Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s first title to offer a free download of the film from iTunes.

The download can be accessed with either the unrated two-DVD or Blu-ray version of the title, streeting Jan. 6. People also will have the option to download Pineapple Express for playback on the PlayStation Portable or PCs.

To this point, Sony’s digital copies have been limited to playback on PCs or PSPs. Most of the majors have already released several digital copies, as downloads or as embedded files onto discs, which are compatible with Apple devices.

Going forward, Sony plans to offer additional film copy downloads from iTunes on a select basis.

“SPHE is thrilled to expand the value and convenience of our digital copy program to the iTunes community,” said Lexine Wong, senior VP of worldwide marketing at Sony. “Consumers can enjoy Pineapple Express where and how they like—whether with the full home entertainment experience of Blu-ray high def or DVD or on the go with their laptop, PSP or iPod.”


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