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Vudu adds high-def titles to online library

About 1,000 movies in HDX format

By Susanne Ault -- Video Business, 11/10/2008

NOV. 10 | Vudu has added hundreds of high-definition titles, including Iron Man, Journey to the Center of the Earth and Mongol, to its online library.

In total, Vudu has amassed 1,000 titles in its proprietary HDX format within its library, which the company touts as the largest collection of available high-def digital content. Other newly featured films include classics Cool Hand Luke and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Vudu first launched HDX titles in early October and has since been adding 150 titles in the format a week. The company’s overall high-def and standard-def library stands at more than 10,000 titles, which users view on TVs via broadband-enabled set-top boxes.

“We’re certainly proud to offer the largest HD library on the planet, but the motivation to accomplish this really sprang from our customers, retail partners and home theater installation professionals, all of whom were asking for more HD content,” said Edward Lichty, executive VP of content at Vudu. “And this is only the beginning of our effort. Our goal is to maintain a leadership position in offering the best picture quality.”

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