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Release Details
Title: Abby in Wonderland
Release Date: 09/30/2008
Label/Distributor: Sesame Street
Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Retail Price: $14.95
Genre: Kids & Family Cast: Sesame Street
Running Time: 45
DVD Video Options: Color,DVD-Video,Full Screen,NTSC
DVD Audio Options: English;Original Language
UPC Code: 891264001540

Abby in Wonderland

By Marcy Magiera -- Video Business, 9/8/2008


Street: Sept. 30
Prebook: now
> The story and characters are familiar in this cute take on Alice’s Adventures.

Abby Cadabby, a 3-year-old fairy in training, is studying—what else?—fairy tales, when her friend Elmo introduces her to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Abby follows the Red Rabbit (guess who?) down the rabbit hole to a fantastical world where she meets such characters as the “Counterpillar,” “Cheshire Cookie Cat” and “Grouch of Hearts.” The story sticks closely to the classic tale, with some educational riffs. Abby doesn’t drink a potion to grow, for instance, but recites rhymes for the word drink. Our preschooler was delighted to see familiar Sesame Street characters in their new Wonderland roles. It’s a shame their use wasn’t extended to interactive games or other bonus features, as there are no extras on the DVD.

Shelf Talk: Parents feel good about the Sesame Street franchise, which is still going strong and likely to enjoy heightened publicity as it approaches its 40th season in 2009. Abby, the first new girl on the block in more than a decade, is a Muppet in which producer Sesame Workshop sees franchise potential.

Children’s, color, NR (nothing offensive), 45 min., DVD $14.93
Extras: none
Director: Kevin Clash
First Run: DVD premiere


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