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Release Details
Title: Artifacts
Release Date: 08/26/2008
Label/Distributor: Lionsgate
Rating: R (Restricted)
Retail Price: $26.98
Genre: Horror Director: Giles Daoust,Emmanuel Jespers
Running Time: 75
DVD Video Options: AC-3,Closed-captioned,Color,Dolby,DVD-Video,Subtitled,Widescreen,NTSC
DVD Audio Options: Spanish;Subtitled,English;Original Language
UPC Code: 031398100447


By Ed Hulse -- Video Business, 8/4/2008

Street: Aug. 26
Prebook: now
> Gripping low-budget blend of horror, sci-fi and thriller elements.

This inexpensively mounted hybrid demonstrates that a good movie doesn’t necessarily need recognizable stars, flashy locations and wall-to-wall special effects. Entrepreneur Kate Warner (Mary Stockley) panics when her friends begin dying mysteriously, their deaths apparently related to metallic “artifacts” implanted in their chests. Thinking she’s a potential victim, Kate enlists the aid of ex-boyfriend Mike (Felix Scott) to help her stay alive. Once its premise is established, this suspenseful movie races to an exciting conclusion.

Shelf Talk: Well traveled on the festival circuit, Artifacts secured the Platinum Award at the recent Houston International Independent Film Festival. A more polished, ambitious film than The Blair Witch Project, Artifacts is another triumph of guerilla filmmaking and should be promoted accordingly.

Horror/sci-fi, color, R (mature themes, language, violence), 75 min., PPV 30 days, DVD $26.98
Extras: featurette
Directors: Giles Daoust, Emmanuel Jespers
First Run: DVD premiere


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