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Adventures From the Book of Virtues

By Mayna Bergmann -- Video Business, 7/7/2008

Street: Aug. 12
Prebook: July 9
Animated faith-based series drawn from William J. Bennett’s best-selling book.

Conservative politician William J. Bennett scored big in 1993 when he published best-selling The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories, which drew on well-known stories to illustrate what Bennett believes are the core virtues of a moral character, including responsibility, friendship, courage, honesty and faith. PBS then made many of the stories into an animated series for children, and now, more than a decade later, is

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releasing three of them on DVD: Adventures in Honesty, Adventures in Courage and Adventures in Faith. The series centers on young Zach Nichols and Annie Redfeather and their wise animal friends, including Aristotle the Woodchuck, Plato the Bison and Socrates the Bobcat. The animals tell the children stories to help them through their challenges in life. From Theseus in Crete to William Tell in 14th century Switzerland to George Washington and the Cherry Tree, these stories, which always have a lesson, will be familiar to parents and their children. Parents might recognize friendly voices throughout (particularly Mark Hamill and Ed Begley Jr.) and will be delighted by the gentle nature of the series, which does an excellent job of entertaining children while teaching them.

Shelf Talk: The Adventures series is the first release from Porchlight’s new faith-based imprint, Porchlight Inspire. Using Bennett’s name to market the programs should help draw the conservative crowd as well as those hoping to entertain their children with more gentle fare than many of today’s offerings.

Children’s, color, NR (nothing offensive), 200 min., DVD $12.98 each, complete set $29.98
Extras: none
Director: Walt Kubiak
First Run: DVD premiere


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