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Audubon Butterfly DVD: Essentials for Beginners and Gardeners

By C.S. O’Brien -- Video Business, 6/2/2008


Street: June 3
Prebook: now
> Everything you want to know about lepidoptery but were afraid to ask.

When it is announced at the start of this definitive study that it would take more than 40 years to view each species of butterfly at the rate of one per day, the viewer gets a sense of the potential scope of a beginner’s DVD on this highly specialized subject. Audubon Butterfly DVD is essentially an instructional film comprising interesting, but unfortunately not Imax-quality close-up photography of, you guessed it, butterflies in the wild. It capably covers essential information in great detail, including all the basic butterfly types and where they can be found in North America. A separate documentary here is a how-to for gardeners, detailing appropriate butterfly garden sizes and the types of plants that will attract desired species.

Shelf Talk: Obviously directed at an audience of budding butterfly chasers, this also is relaxing and intelligent fare for the casual observer. The Audubon Society name should assure curious lepidopterists of all study levels that they’re being taught by experts in the field.

Documentary, color, NR (nothing offensive), 150 min., DVD $39.95
Extras: none
Director: Jim Ebner
First Run: DVD premiere


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