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Warner Premiere set to release Clique

By Susanne Ault -- Video Business, 3/20/2008

The Clique is Warner Premiere’s first title.

MARCH 20 | Warner Premiere has wrapped production on the first title of its made-for-DVD series The Clique.

The company, a division of Warner Home Video, should be streeting the title by fourth quarter. Clique is based on the best-selling teen book series, with more than 4.5 million copies in print spanning nine different installments to date.

Warner Premiere envisions The Clique as an ongoing made-for-DVD franchise.

America’s Top Model star Tyra Banks and Laura Armstrong executive produced this first title, which features a new girl struggling to fit into a popular group at school. Bob Levy and Leslie Morgenstein, both involved with TV’s Gossip Girl, also are producers for The Clique. Emmy Award-winning Michael Lembeck worked as director.

The Clique stars Elizabeth McLaughlin, Samantha Boscarino, Sophie Anna Everhard and Bridgit Mendler.

“When we first read The Clique books, we immediately knew we wanted to make features out of this series and the characters Lisi [Harrison] had created; now it is all coming together. We couldn’t have wished for a better team with whom to launch this franchise on DVD,” said Diane Nelson, Warner Premiere president. “From the first meeting with Lisi, to getting to cast our very own clique of girls with director Michael and producers Les, Bob and Tyra, we have been incredibly excited, nearly as much as the fans themselves, to see the books come to life.”


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