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Release Details
Title: A Lawyer Walks Into A Bar
Release Date: 09/17/2007
Label/Distributor: Camel's Back Films
Retail Price: $21.95
Genre: Documentary Cast: Alan Dershowitz, Vernon Jordan, Robert Shapiro, Nancy Grace, Catherine Crier
Director: Eric Chaikin
Running Time: 92
DVD Video Options: NTSC
DVD Audio Options: English, Unknown
UPC Code: 890211002005

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A Lawyer Walks into a Bar

By Ed Hulse -- Video Business, 3/3/2008

Street: March 22
Prebook: now
> Highly entertaining commentary on lawyers and the legal profession.

Although this documentary principally follows six law-school graduates preparing to take their bar exams, it’s laced with seriocomic observations about the legal profession from a variety of commentators: comic actor Michael Ian Black, TV lawyer/journalists Catherine Crier and Nancy Grace, lawyer/novelist Scott Turow, comedian Eddie Griffin, consumer-affairs reporter John Stossel and former O. J. Simpson counsel Robert Shapiro. By the time they finish weighing in, a viewer will wonder why the film’s six subjects wanted to put themselves through the ordeal.

Shelf Talk: Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at last year’s AFI Dallas International Film Festival, this witty, irreverent documentary failed to attract a theatrical distributor, but public fascination with lawyers should make it reasonably successful on DVD. (We can’t see anybody but a prospective lawyer wanting to see it more than once.) It can be promoted as a counterpart—or perhaps a sidebar—to fictional films and TV series built around the profession: The Practice, Boston Legal, Absence of Malice, Presumed Innocent and myriad others.

Documentary, color, NR (language), 92 min., DVD $24.99
Extras: director’s commentary, featurette, additional interviews
Director: Eric Chaikin
First Run: DVD premiere
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