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Release Details
Title: Avenue Montaigne
Release Date: 07/17/2007
Label/Distributor: Velocity / Thinkfilm
Rating: G (General Audience)
Retail Price: $27.98
Cast: Cécile De France, Valérie Lemercier, Albert Dupontel, Laura Morante, Claude Brasseur
Director: Danièle Thompson
Running Time: 101
DVD Video Options: Color, Dolby, DVD-Video
DVD Audio Options: French, Original Language; English, Subtitled
UPC Code: 821575551755


Avenue Montaigne

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By Mayna Bergmann -- Video Business, 5/28/2007

Street: July 17
Prebook: June 21
> Gamine Cécile De France is adorable as a naïve Parisian girl in the Amelie mold.

Avenue Montaigne is an actual street in Paris, and Bar des Théâtres—the restaurant where the majority of this film's action occurs—exists as well. Avenue Montaigne centers on Jessica (Cécile De France), the first female waitress at the Bar des Théâtres. Her famous customers include a TV actress (Valérie Lemercier), who desperately wants a role in a serious film by an American director (well-played by Sydney Pollack); a famous pianist (Albert Dupontel), who wants off the rollercoaster of his career; and a wealthy man (Claude Brasseur), who is auctioning off his extensive art collection. Jessica—naturally—charms them all, along with the viewers of this frothy romantic foreign film.

Shelf Talk: The cast and crew, well-known in their native France, certainly know what they are doing, and the result is a foreign film that will appeal to more than just those who are used to reading subtitles. Director Danièle Thompson is an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter whose writing credits include Cousin, Cousine; Lemercier is a popular French comedianne; and of course, Pollack will be known to American audiences. The French equivalent of a Meg Ryan romantic comedy, Avenue Montaigne has the potential for significant crossover appeal with the right marketing and placement.

Foreign-language comedy, color, PG-13 (mature themes, language, sexual situations), 101 min., DVD $27.98, French with English subtitles
Extras: featurette
Director: Danièle Thompson
First Run: L, Feb. 2007, <$1 mil.

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