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A Life Without Pain

By Ed Grant -- Video Business, 4/23/2007

Street: May 8
Prebook: available now
> Heartwrenching portrait of three kids affected by a harmful disability.

Three little girls with the same disability—one that prevents them from feeling any sort of pain—are profiled in this arresting documentary. The film is filled with harsh details of the harmful things the girls unwittingly do to themselves and, as such, is pretty hard going. The film’s “upside” comes from the heartfelt portraits of parental love, which ranges from a Minnesota couple’s unwavering attention to their young daughter to a German father’s decision to let his older girl experience a sense of independence.

Shelf Talk: This film comes to DVD after a successful run on the film-festival circuit, including screenings at the Chicago International Documentary Festival and South by Southwest (a Q&A session from the latter is included in the DVD supplements). The subject matter is admittedly a “downer,” but the inspirational side of the material will bring in viewers with eclectic tastes.

Documentary, color, NR (mature themes, violence), 74 min.DVD $24.99
Extras: Q&A at SXSW festival, “Gabby’s 4th Birthday” featurette
Director: Melody Gilbert
First Run: DVD premiere


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