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Release Details
Title: Aurora Borealis
Release Date: 04/03/2007
Label/Distributor: Liberation Ent
Rating: R (Restricted)
Retail Price: $19.95
Genre: Drama Cast: Joshua Jackson, Steven Pasquale, Katie Griffin, Zack Ward, Tyler Labine, Donald Sutherland, Louise Fletcher, Mark Andrada, Juliette Lewis, Jim Feather, Judy Sinclair, Welcome Ngozi, John Kapelos, Dorion Davis, Diego Fuentes, Timm Sharp, Joyce Campion, Bryan Hatt, Niamh Wilson, Tatum Knight
Director: James C.E. Burke
Running Time: 91
DVD Video Options: Closed-captioned, Widescreen, NTSC
DVD Audio Options: English, Original Language
UPC Code: 796019800266
(Drama) Ever since the premature death of his father, Duncan (Joshua Jackson) has been content with drifting aimlessly through life. When he takes a job in order to be near his ill grandfather (Sutherland) and grandmother (Fletcher), he begins to find purpose. The newfound sense of being needed, plus a budding romance with Kate (Lewis), begins to change Duncan profoundly.

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Aurora Borealis

By Ed Grant -- Video Business, 2/26/2007

Street: April 3, Prebook: Feb. 20
> A slacker tearjerker with a seasoned cast.

A Minneapolis slacker (Joshua Jackson) deals with the dilemmas posed by his Parkinson's-afflicted grandfather (Donald Sutherland) and a budding relationship with his grandfather's free-spirited caregiver (Juliette Lewis) in this heart-tugging slice-of-life drama. Ever the pro, Sutherland winds up stealing the film as the debilitated-yet-feisty granddad, and Louise Fletcher matches him as his no-nonsense wife. Though many elements are predictable, scripter Brent Boyd does try to keep the dialog genuinely conversational.

Shelf Talk: AARP magazine awarded Sutherland the 2007 Movies for Grown-Ups Best Actor award for his role in Aurora Borealis, so it's safe to assume that older audiences have a lot to like here. Given its many local references, Minnesotans in particular will have a great time with the film, which also picked up awards at regional film fests in Jackson Hole, Wyo.; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; and Winston-Salem, N.C.

Drama, color, R (mature themes), 110 min., DVD $24.95
Extras: director/crew commentary, interviews
Director: James C. E. Burke
First Run: L, Sept. 2006, <$1 mil.
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