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Release Details
Title: Angela
Release Date: 10/17/2006
Label/Distributor: First Look
Rating: R (Restricted)
Retail Price: $24.99
Genre: Art House & International Cast: Donatella Finocchiaro, Andrea Di Stefano, Mario Pupella, Toni Gambino, Erasmo Lobello, Maria Mistretta, Giuseppe Pettinato, Matteo Gulino, Sergio Ruffino
Director: Roberta Torre
Running Time: 90
DVD Video Options: Color, Subtitled, Widescreen
DVD Audio Options: Italian, Original Language; English, Subtitled; Spanish, Subtitled
UPC Code: 687797994097



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Color, NR (mature themes, nudity, language), 99 min, VHS $24.95, DVD $19.95

Street: Nov. 26, Prebook: now

DVD: director's commentary

Cast: Anna Thomson (Fast Food, Fast Women), John Ventimiglia (TV's The Sopranos), Miranda Stuart Rhyne (Walking and Talking), Charlotte Blythe,

Vincent Gallo (Downtown 81),

Frances Conroy (TV's Six Feet Under)

Director: Rebecca Miller


Story Line: A move to a new neighborhood wreaks havoc in the lives of two young sisters (Rhyne, Blythe). First, the girls' dotty mother (Thomson) suffers a mental breakdown, and then the elder sister is consumed by a series of religious visions.

Bottom Line: This 1995 theatrical release is the kind of highly symbolic drama that will either affect viewers emotionally or leave them completely cold. The titular character has repeated encounters with a benevolent fallen angel. The girls believe their crusty old neighbor to be another celestial being, and both sisters conduct various rituals to wash away their perceived sins. All the while, they exist in a timeless world, best exemplified by their parents: Their hip dad sports a '90s-style "soul patch," while their mom is a faded Marilyn Monroe type (all the more striking, considering that director Miller is the daughter of famed playwright Arthur). Viewers looking for a contemporary equivalent of the Southern coming-of-age tales written by Carson McCullers, Harper Lee and Flannery O'Connor will be the most receptive audience for Angela. ----Ed Grant

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