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Amy's Orgasm

-- Video Business, 10/17/2002


Color, R (mature themes, language), 87 min., VHS rental, DVD $24.99

DVD: director's commentary, alternate ending, deleted scenes, snapshot diary from Sundance festival

Street: Nov. 26, Prebook: Oct. 29

First Run: L, Aug. 2002, <$1 mil.

Cast: Julie Davis (I Love You, Don't Leave Me!), Nick Chinlund (Training Day),

Jeff Cesario (Five Aces), Caroline Aaron (Joe Dirt)

Director: Julie Davis


Story Line: Best-selling self-help author Amy Mandell (Davis) is 28 years old, Jewish and single and makes her living by telling women they don't need men to be complete. However, a refreshing new romance with a radio shock jock (Chinlund) forces her to question the values that made her famous. Flanked by her lesbian publicist (Aaron) and a Catholic priest (Cesario), Mandell struggles with the neurotic insecurities that trouble her relationships.

Bottom Line: It's Sex and the City meets Bridget Jones's Diary meets every other bouncy, indie film about urban relationships. Writer/director/star Davis is undeniably appealing, but the film is pretty much wrapped around her cuteness. Every step in Amy and Matthew's relationship is predictable, from their volatile meeting to their Hollywood ending. Despite the thin plot, much of the dialog is witty, and Cesario's sexually frustrated Catholic priest is a welcome twist from the norm. This film is hardly original, but somehow it ends up being entertaining and for some a potential guilty pleasure. Put it on the shelf next to Kissing Jessica Stein and Fast Food, Fast Women. --Sarika Chawla


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